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Feb. 1st, 2010

Fixed my ipod AGAIN over the weekend. ZombiPod had been freezing at inconvenient times, skipping songs, and was being a general nuisance, but was not making the whirrr-CLUNK of Death. This sounded like a battery problem to me, which is luckily a pretty easy fix. Or at least it was the last time I replaced the battery. This time, I essentially was ping-ponged between different aisles at Fry's because none of the employees were really certain if they still carried iPod batteries. Thankfully, I was able to find some hiding among the cell phone batteries after looking around for like half an hour. The battery cost about $20, which is not a bad deal when you consider that Apple will fix your iPod for something like $50. I wonder how long I can keep ZombiPod going until I have to cave and finally buy a new iPod. *knocks on wood*
Is it really so hard to find a thesis advisor? Apparently so. A couple semesters ago, I'd asked around in my department, but no one felt comfortable working with Roman agriculture. Now I have people and contacts lined up on the agricultural/post harvest side of things but I'm worried about finding someone on the Classical end. I spent a good portion of my winter break pouring over Pliny and outlining Roman post harvest treatment procedures for fruit, so hopefully some professor will see this as less work for them to do. Failing agriculture, I'm thinking of looking into the connection between the living and the underworld, but that's a fairly broad topic (yet hero cults might offer some fertile ground...). Lol, "Summoning for Fun and Profit in the Ancient World," would be a hell of a thesis title!

I hadn't realized just how much I'd missed Latin! Reading Ovid is like meeting up with old friends because Latin is kind of my bff language. Greek is all well and good, but Latin is always going to have a special space in my heart. ...OMG. I have to write something for my German class about something like this anyway! Ich habe noch einen Koffer in Los AngelesLatein!! J/N, too nerdy to share with others?

Moment of Squee

It's Thursday January 21. A date that can be summed up in two words...
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HELL YEAH. Ok, that was two more words, but I think you can catch the drift. :D

Also I had my first Latin class of the semester today, which is going to be made of awesome. We're reading Ovid's Metamorphoses. I read some of the Metamorphoses in high school for AP Latin, but it will be nice to read the stories again now that translating more than 20 lines at a go no longer seems impossible. The professor is also really cool, so that adds to the overall good vibe of the class. I'm just so happy to be back in a Latin class again, given that I couldn't take one last semester. Io, lingua Latina!

And OMG, my Forms of Folklore class seems like it's going to be really cool too. We're going to be watching a couple episodes of Star Trek: TNG over the course of the semester, and we have entire sections on ghost stories, urban legends, and superstition. Just sitting in lecture is like having an hour and a half of squee. And the syllabus mentioned fandom. HELL YES.

Writer's Block: School daze

Did you remain at the same school(s) or transfer to a number of different schools growing up? How did your early educational experiences impact your self-esteem and confidence?

I changed schools several times while I was growing up. I attended pre-K through 5th grade at the local public school in my small hometown. Going to school in a small town like mine is really what binds you to the community, you get to know everybody else and their families, you do the same activities, and share the same experiences as you are stuck with the same kids for pretty much all of your years as a student. There is a sense of pervasive stability running through the whole thing. I did have friends, but as a bookwormish introvert, the whole community aspect kind of passed over me.
My first school change was in 6th grade from the local public school to a Catholic school in a different town. This experience, combined with some serious family drama, made for one of the worst times of my life. The kids at this school had been together since kindergarten and so had already built up a shared experience and culture that I could never really take part in. From day one at this school, I was never certain how to fit in. Even my schoolwork, which had always been a source of pride for me labeled me an outsider when I'd speak up in class. One teacher in particular made my life hell because I mentioned historical figures and events in class that she had never heard of. "Don't say things in class that the teacher doesn't know about" rang in my head for years to come.
High school turned out to be my saving grace. I decided to attend an all-girl's non-denominational school in Los Angeles and it was there that I really found my groove. These girls were like me and I finally felt welcome into the community. The teachers encouraged the students to speak up and were mores interested in dialogue than fluffing their egos.
Now I'm in university and I understand that I am the sum total of all of my experiences and I wouldn't change it if I could.

Back in Berzerkley

One mad dash up the I-5, buckets of rain, and a faulty smoke detector later, I'm finally back in Berkeley and settled into my apartment. Yay for a new semester!!! :D
Arrived in Berkeley at about 8:30 last night after my parents decided to drive me up rather than having me fly at the very last minute. So up we drove through the first part of the storm system that's hitting the West Coast and made it to the Bay Area in about 6 hours despite the rain. All I can say is thank god for satellite radio because our local library was closed so no books on tape to make the drive interesting.
My lovely roommates were already at the apartment, which was a nice surprise. Unfortunately, the bloody smoke detector would NOT SHUT UP. Every 30 seconds it would chirp very loudly, making it impossible to stop. We tried to get it off the ceiling, but were unable. I even asked the RA if he could do anything, but was informed that I could not touch or tamper with the smoke detector because if I did, any incident would be my fault, and so I would have to wait for maintence to fix the problem on Tuesday. Oh Hell no. Long story short, the fire department was able to fix the smoke detector. Berkeley FD is made of win. RA who didn't call the fire department is made of fail.
So I now have a new foot/legwear fashion for rainy weather. The REI guy thought I was nuts, but I have a feeling that gaiters + hiking boots and I are going to be OT3. This is now the answer to all of my problems with rain at Berkeley: no more hydroplaning across Sproul and definitely no more running back and forth between campus and the apartment to dry off my jeans.

EDIT: Wow...my 100th post on this livejournal. Yay.

Fandoms FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

So the past couple month's have been really, really crazy and I kind of neglected livejournal. But today I logged on and was blown away by how awesome fandom is: ontd_startrek, ontd_ai, and Misha's Minions are all donating to UNICEF in response to the earthquake in Haiti. Fandoms are not just collections of obsessed nerds, isolated from the rest of the world, we are an unstoppable force for good.

At my last count:
ontd_startrek: $11,766.96
Misha's Minions/SPN fandom: $18,609.18
TOTAL: $37,226.19

I'm so proud to be a member of the Star Trek and Supernatural fandoms, it isn't even funny. For all of the snark and bitchiness that fandom can generate, it also bands together for a common cause like no other group. Fandom is love.

Nov. 4th, 2009

I'm sitting in the computer lab in Wheeler being a good girl and translating my Greek. I had to look up the word "pannuchiois," which apparently means "all night long." And guess what song I'm listening to? :D EPIC WIN! AC/DC AND GREEK= AWESOME!!!!
It's kind of funny how when life takes a turn for the sucktastic how the simplest things make you happiest. Seriously. My life is perfect right now because of chocolate milk, classic rock, and the promise of coffee.

It's one of THOSE days!

I seem to be having a lot of "those" days lately. First off, I've finally come down with whatever my roommate had. Also same roommate now has the hangover from hell, poor thing. Now my poor dad's broken his collar bone in a bike accident and mom is going to be on a trip tomorrow so I'm heading back down to Los Angeles today.

Ω ΠΟΠΟΙ!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oct. 29th, 2009

Oh Supernatural...Collapse )

And now I have to do my Greek essay. What can I say? Tonight's priorities were 1)Food 2)SUPERNATURAL! and 3)Essay.

And I like this gif.